October 14th, 2010

NY Comic Con/Anime Festival 2010

Hi there! Hope you had a blast at the con, we sure did.
If you missed out-- here are some photos we wanna share!
If you or a friend of yours is in one of our photos below,
post a comment and let us know! Both you and your friend
will receive 10% off your next order at Trample Clothing.

This offer will not disappear but items in our store will!
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Also if there is a photo of you that you don't like,
that's okay! Let us know and We'll take it down plus,
you still qualify for the 10% discount!

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Many thanks to amanikitty for tagging 3 of our photos:
as a token of our appreciation, you get 10% off your next order too!
Please note that it is a one time use only ^__^

List of Lolitas With 10% Discount:
jean_emily Confirmed!
kyu_oba_rokku Confirmed!
persoconchii Confirmed!
amanikitty Confirmed!
thislonlyflower Confirmed!
inuashley813 Confirmed!
kitsunedolly Confirmed!
ailolita Confirmed!
baby_biohazard Confirmed!
momoju Confirmed!
himihimi Confirmed!

nerorizim pending
itachifangirl26 pending

As for this week's update preview:
Here's a little hint for the longest name possible!